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Special Features


We Do Transport Business Development, Marketing, Consulting & Training for:

  • Full Chain Natural Gas Adoption
  • Equipment & Services Industry Suppliers
  • Information Technology Industry
  • Banking, Financing & Investor Community
  • Insurance & Personal Investment Industry
  • Government Safety / Security Entities
  • All Sizes & Types of Transport-Related Companies
    • Trucking Companies
    • Independent Contractor Programs
    • Logistics & Brokerage Providers
    • Air, Rail & Steamship Lines
    • School & Coach Bus Operators
    • Shippers & Consignees
  • College & University Programs
  • Others Interested in the Transportation Industry

Transportation Planning Expertise

  • Shippers
  • Logistics Providers
  • Trucking
  • Cross border (Canada & Mexico)
  • Intermodal
  • Bus & Industry Supplier Planning
  • Fuel Cost
  • Fuel Surcharge & Fuel Savings (EPA SmartWay)
  • Supply-Chain Safety
  • Security & Sustainability (Carbon Footprint Analysis / Reduction)
  • Alternative Energy Information
    • Full Chain Natural Gas Planning
  • 2010 Emissions
  • CSA 2010 Planning

Our management has significant experience in fleet management, contractor fleet ownership and with the business services and supplier industries. Our primary goal is to help you and your people be successful.

Whether you are a small fleet, owner-operator, a large fleet with contractors or anyone else in the industry, you are welcome to click around to get some basic planning information that you can use today.

Various outtakes from our planning program are located on our Basic Planning Pages and Operational Numbers Pages.

Feel free to visit often as our site is updated regularly. Please contact us with any questions, comments or for additional information.

Success both personally and in your business depends on how you prioritize three different things. They are:

  1. How much money you need (and expect) to make
  2. Who you work with (both inside and outside your circle)
  3. Your home life (having quality personal time)

Key to that success is tying it all together, focusing on what you like doing best and using strategic relationships for the rest. Also important is your communicating that to others.

We help put information into a simple plan and provide a personalized forum for fleets, contractors and our industry to share it in. Our approach is through education, not just training. Training teaches one way to do something; educating prepares one to evaluate, modify, create and choose the best way of doing something for themselves. We take this approach in all we do.

Thank You,
Cara Gentry
Business Development Manager