Industry Consulting

We Work With Transport Companies, Industry Suppliers, the Investor / Financial Community and Other Industry Planners Supporting Programs, Surveys, Needs & Trend Analysis

How can we help you with your business and your programs?



Whether you are a fleet trying to recruit and retain good personnel, an industry supplier addressing industry needs or those educating / planning for the future, our programs and approaches are great tools to use in accomplishing that – or we can support programs you may already have.

We divide our business into three separate groupings with specific focus areas within each. The first includes general trend analysis for investors / financiers / surveys / trends. The others as detailed in the following includes Transportation Business / Freight / Trucking Operator business planning and training, and Industry / Supplier business and marketing development – with a special focus on productivity, equipment financing, the information age, ROI analysis and related products and business services.



- Fleets
— Productivity and Profitability versus Industry Norms
— Investor / Merger / Acquisition / Bankruptcy Analysis
— Independent Contractor Program Creation / Updating
— Management / Dispatcher Trucking Business Education
— Freight / Equipment Efficiency & Specifications (fuel mileage, lightweighting, SmartWay, etc.)

- Trucking 101 Business Seminars, Workshops and Articles
— Independent Contractor Education through Fleets
— Industry Suppliers
— Trade Show Seminars
— Trade Publications
— University Transportation Graduate Programs



- Banking, Financiers & Investors
— Equipment Financing
— Accounts & Credit / Debit Cards
— Cash Management (accelerating receivables)
— Investor Analysis

- Equipment Financing
— Programs for Independent Contractors at Fleets
— Contract Profitability Assessments

- Accountants
— Trucking Format and Norms

- Equipment / Component Suppliers
— Trucks
— Trailers
— Engines
— Drive Train
— Tires
— Wireless and other productivity components

- Insurance Industry
— Individual Health Insurance Focus
— Financial Planning

- Fuel & Oil Industry
— Fuel Program Costing
— Oil Programs
— Ethanol / Biodiesel

- Surveys
— Fleet Productivity and Profitability
— Freight Demand versus Capacity
— New and Used Truck / Trailer Marketplace
— Equipment Financing
— Freight / Equipment Efficiency (fuel mileage, lightweighting, SmartWay, etc.)

- Legal and Incorporation

- Customer Program Creation

- Software, Device and Wireless Integration

- Trucking 101 Business Education for Trucking Managers & Suppliers



- Aviation – Productivity / Profitability
— Costing out Small Plane / Jet Businesses
— Expedited Truck Freight Interfacing

- Intermodal – Productivity / Profitability
— Steamship Line / Railroad / Trucking Interfacing


We have over a dozen company and contract experts with knowledge in all facets of logistics and transportation. We have helped TENS OF THOUSANDS of people in addressing their needs through our consulting, seminars and referrals. This is in addition to our information used and interviews given for articles in trade publications and the several thousand hits a day we get here at our Web Site.

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Jay Thompson
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