Broker, Logistics & Contractor Fleet Programs

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  • Recruit, Build Relationships and Retain Successful Operators!
  • How much is turnover costing you?



Recruitment, retention and keeping “capacity” partners in business remain major problems today. The cost to all parties is high.

For brokers, logistics providers or fleets with Independent Contractors, we have an effective and popular program addressing basic planning, communication, profitability and programs. It is an “on-site” personalized workshop adapted to your business and operation, put on at your at your location at your convenience.

It is not only great for your fleets, contractors and interested drivers, but it is also a good educational and relationship building tool for your management and operational personnel.

We can either train your people to present the program or put it on for you. We also participate as a part of “appreciation” functions or in lieu of safety meetings.

Through business services relationships, we can also help you get other issues addressed such as accounting, health insurance plans, retirement planning and other retention building products. (All from some of the largest National providers in the US)


A Quick Overview of Our 4 Hour Workshop Follows

Business Trends in the Future
Basic Business Planning for Trucking
Fuel Cost Management (including understanding surcharges)
Operations & Profitability (what relationships do for miles – what miles do for mutual profitability)
Your Contract Adapted to Their Operation
Any Services You Offer
Outside Services and the Information Age

Over the years, we have been working with a number of fleets ranging from those initiating programs to others with thousands of contractors. These include all sizes and types of commercial vehicles with most clients operating Class 8 equipment.



Cost for each 4 hour on-site program within the US is less than the cost of either signing up or keeping just ONE contractor. This includes all of our adaptation, preparation, presentation and travel expenses.

Your only other costs would be for facilities, presentation equipment, any food / refreshments and routing costs for the attendees. Call us for an estimate that addresses your needs.

Our costs remain low as partner business service companies subsidize them. You do not need to be utilizing any such services to take advantage of our workshops and low costs.

Mutually benefiting industry suppliers periodically sponsor or co-sponsor our workshops, which pays for part or all of our total costs. Ask your equipment and services providers if they sponsor our type programs.

NOTE: Timing and frequency depends on the number of participents you have and your goals. As a general rule to get good participation, experience suggests offering one per year for those up to 200 contractors. Then it is additional ones for every 200 you have.

A similar driver focused career development program is also available.


Please contact me directly to discuss how we may be of assistance.

Jay Thompson
Direct Phone: 303-517-7676