Understanding and Using this Site

Business Planning is the process of detailing the concept, expectations and factors that determine success in a business based on industry information and from that supplied by you, the businessperson or entrepreneur.

Any variation between your input information and your actual operation will affect the accuracy of the results, and make comparisons with your actual operating experience questionable.

A plan is best utilized by continually updating it with actual information and adjusting it for operations and financial considerations in the future.

A financial plan (income / expense sheet figures) is an authoritative and accurate estimate for the specified business or contract based on calculations from industry information for normal operations under realistic conditions.

It puts costs on how everything gets addressed in the plan and is intended for planning and improvement purposes only. It is not a guarantee of actual business outcome.

A balance sheet may be either for your business or personal information and used for a variety of financial and tax purposes.

A plan does not have the capability of making other distinctions involving outside forces and factors that may occur in normal operation such as seasonal business fluctuations, weather or other operational variables. Operating conditions / variations can cause your actual business performance to exceed or fall short of your estimates.

All information used and noted in this site is believed to be accurate and the best information available. It is to be used as a tool in deciding what, if any, operational / forecasting changes are required for the future.

From time to time more current information may become available and tax information may change. When that occurs, you should consult your business and tax professionals and update your information accordingly.

Common sense should determine whether you need the assistance of an attorney in the legal setup or operation of your business. We suggest you consult with one anytime substantial amounts of money are involved, on any matter you don’t understand, or any issue that involves your legal protection.

We are not responsible for any such problems that may arise in the operation of your business.

No portion of the information in this site may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyright holder.

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